Autonavigator Program


I have creating an autonomous device that must start inside a box and end at one along a series of processes.

I am needing to implement some sort of autonavigator program, as I am worried that if the robot is not in the correct position in the starting box, even a small deviation could result in the track not being followed correctly.

I have decided to purchase 2 optical mouse (PS2) sensors for positional control on the track. Furthermore, I have attached an autonavigator folder that I have sourced which seems to fit my purpose. However, I am not sure how to implement this MATLAB code into my Arduino coding, as the code doesnt seem to specify any parameters as to where the device should end up.

If someone could provide me with some guidance as to how to implement this program, that would be awesome. Thanks :slight_smile: (17.3 KB)

Since the source code talks about GUI and ‘BackgroundColor’ it appears to be a graphics program. I’d be surprised if you could port it to an Arduino without a nearly complete re-write.