Autonics Temperature Controller TK4S(-T4CN) Read Modbus : Read input Register

Hi I am trying to use ModbusMaster arduino Library, Example RS485_HalfDuplex:
The input register address for input value from manual is as-

No(Address): 301001(03E8)

I am using these codes as above example to change address but I cannot receive any output in serial read. Can anyone guide me how should I input this data into these codes?

#include <ModbusMaster.h>

We’re using a MAX485-compatible RS485 Transceiver.
Rx/Tx is hooked up to the hardware serial port at ‘Serial’.
The Data Enable and Receiver Enable pins are hooked up as follows:
#define MAX485_DE 3
#define MAX485_RE_NEG 2

// instantiate ModbusMaster object
ModbusMaster node;

void preTransmission()
digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 1);
digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 1);

void postTransmission()
digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 0);
digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 0);

void setup()
pinMode(MAX485_RE_NEG, OUTPUT);
pinMode(MAX485_DE, OUTPUT);
// Init in receive mode
digitalWrite(MAX485_RE_NEG, 0);
digitalWrite(MAX485_DE, 0);

// Modbus communication runs at 115200 baud

// Modbus slave ID 1
node.begin(01, Serial);
// Callbacks allow us to configure the RS485 transceiver correctly

bool state = true;

void loop()
uint8_t result;
uint16_t data[6];

// Toggle the coil at address 0x0002 (Manual Load Control)
result = node.writeSingleCoil(0x0000, state);
state = !state;

// Read 16 registers starting at 0x3100) 03E8 = 1000
result = node.readInputRegisters(0x1000, 1);
if (result == node.ku8MBSuccess)
Serial.print("Temp: ");
//Serial.print("Vload: ");
//Serial.print("Pload: ");
//Serial.println((node.getResponseBuffer(0x04) +
// node.getResponseBuffer(0x05) << 16)/100.0f);


I cannot receive any output in serial read.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Where are you expecting to see the output?


  // Modbus communication runs at 115200 baud


That doesn't look good. Your comment says it communicates at 115200 baud, then on the next line you configure Serial to communicate at 9600 baud. Is the comment wrong, or is your code wrong?