Autonomous Aerial Drone using Arduino

Hi everyone, I am new to this place but I am quite familiar with arduino. Currently I am working on an arduino based autonomous aerial drone. But I had one doubt related to programming. In my project I am using PID library for the control and the MPU teapot library is used to get the sensor readings, I had one doubt here;the data from the IMU is being used as the input to the PID program and the output of the PID is used to control the servo motors of the drone. The question I have here is should the servos be connected to the PWM pins of the arduino and the PID output given to these pins or should they be connected to normal digital pins and controlled using PID. I am attaching the fritzing circuit I have generated. It consists of two microcontrollers one dedicated to data gathering and associated processing. The other is used solely for control. This is done to avoid overhead on the second microcontroller.

You have a looong way to go, buddy!

It shows.

When for example, you talk about connecting servos to PWM pins. Do you not know what PWM is, or not know how a servo works? Which one is it?

Do you already possess a "drone"? Does it use an Ardupilot/ MultiWii? Those would be the absolute first steps.

Also read the instructions for using the forum to know how to post things.