Autonomous arduino robot


Me and a couple of friends are trying to build an autonomous rover-like robot to navigate a maze. What’s the best option to do this? For example, what’s the best option in terms of controller type (we want it to go over wifi/bluetooth), motor controllers, etc.

Any advice or topic links will be greatly appreciated.


Previous forum post on the subject.

Previous forum post on the subject.

autonomous site: - Google Search

I'm currently not too worried about programming.. mainly the electrical and mechanical side (and sensors, such as laser distance sensors).. we want to robot to be fairly big (like.. 2 ft tall approx) and potentially navigate something like a maze. Have never used arduinos before.. so I'm not sure on how those would look together.. (and yeah.. i did search that at google but didn't see too much useful things.. i'm currently looking for big picture type dealios.)