Autonomous Car

Hello guys!

I am trying to make an autonomous car that would follow the lead car maintaining a safe distance without collision. I am planning to use an arduino board (still trying to figure out which one) to act as the microcontroller for the car that will follow. I am planning to attach 3 (or more) sensors in the front of the car that would detect any changes in motion of the front car and do exactly what the front car does without breaking contact.

I wanted to know if you guys could recommend a sensor that would:

1) have a good frequency range for faster action of the back car 2) track distance of atleast 25cms between two cars 3) be compatible with the Arduino board.

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone can suggest which Arduino board would be the best for building this prototype?

Thank you very much guys! :)

  • Sahil Bhuptani

an Arduino UNO should be sufficient imho.

idea: add a bright LED on the back of the first car and just make a light tracking system => 3+ light sensors (+ ultrasonic for the distance... )