Autonomous Delivery Drone Using Multiwii

Anyone expert in Multiwii or any other open source flight controller? I am on making a quadcopter that can autonomously delivery a package to a given GPS location and return back to home. I guess Multiwii 2.4 have the functionality of gps way point navigation but I want the drone to do a few more tasks. The quadcopter should follow the following sequence of steps autonomously :

  1. Ascent to a certain height(e.g. 50 meter or above to avoid obstacles such as trees,poles and buildings)from home coordinate.

2.Head to the delivery location

  1. Stop there,decent down to about 1 meter.

  2. Drop the package( servo motor controlled)

5 Ascend back again to certain height.

6.Return to home and land.

Can this be achieved by modifying the multiwii code.If yes,how? Where and which lines in the multiwii source code should I change?
If not possible with multiwii,how can I make such a drone?

Have you tried a MultiWii forum?

I am not a member of the multiwii forum so could not ask there. :frowning:

You can apply for a membership ...

Multiwii forum was the first place i went to.But the forum says creating a new account is not currently possible.And without being a member I could not post a question there.So expecting some help from here...

yes im sure it can be done . both on hardware or software but the original code needs modification for it to work. most importantly a land detection and a return trip . you may need a 2560 mega since you be putting a gps telemetery and doing waypoints