Autonomous flight using gps location and transceivers. Arduino Unos.

First time user here. I have a project in mind and I’m having trouble finding direction.

I have three arduino unos. I want two of them to act as stationary users (lets say they’re standing about 20 meters apart). The third arduino will be attached to a drone, equal distance from either arduino unos (centered).

All arduinos will have a gps module to represent location, and the users will have a transmitter to send that location to the center arduino (drone). This drone will decide, by using a decision factor, which location to fly to, autonomously. Needless to say it has the same transceiver as the other two unos.

I have established network communication between the center arduino and the two users. I’m searching for guidance on what type of drone to use, flight controller, gps modules and direction to follow.

They’re are multiple paths to take and nothing seems to be within the scope of this project. Drone should fly to a specific height (altitude holding) and go to either location. Trying to keep this simple, although there is nothing simple about it (to me at least). Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Feel free to suggest different method.