Autonomous GPS Robot

My partner and I are trying to build are trying to build an autonomous robot that runs off of gps navigation. We are encountering problems concerning our Arduino code. We have managed to successfully get the robot to display “Waiting for GPS” and the “GPS Acquired” sequences. However, after we have acquired a GPS fix, it counts down from 10-1, but then jumps to the end of the code and displays “Last Waypoint”. We will attach the code, and would appreciate anyone’s help. We are beginners at Arduino programming and are using someone else’s code who did a similar project. We have no clue why the code seems to start successfully but then jumps to the end. We have our own waypoints put in, along with the waypoint class included. Any ideas?

RC_CAR_PROGRAM.ino (23.1 KB)

One idea is to go through the program line by line, and learn what each one does. Put in print statements to make clear what is happening at points of confusion. Then you will understand what is wrong and how to fix it.

Everyone has to start somewhere!

Try a separate version with just the GPS part, and plenty of print statements to see if it is working or not. Once you have it working, add the other parts back in. Just move the arduino and gps to different locations manually.