autonomous line follower

So i am truing to make my old RC car an autonomous line follower i have all the stuff and i need to know how to hook it up. I have a QTR-8a sensor, an arduino duemelonove, wire, my computer, bread board. how would i hook this up.

All hands on the ouija board, chaps.


don't be so hard on the kid. He just needs to start half a dozen threads with the same text before he finds the time to change his question. I wonder how many questions he has in his half-duplex queue before he goes into read mode.


Typically, I wire the sensor to the Arduino with wire from the sensor to the Arduino.
If you want to experiment you could wire from the Arduino to the sensor using wire.
It is generally accepted that you need two wires minimum in order to avoid short circuits. Then you wire from the Arduino to the sensor and from the sensor back to the Arduino, again, using wire.

An extremely alternate method might be to not connect the sensor to the Arduino, and make an artsy installment of the parts, and give it an artsy name. Maybe, ‘close, but no…’ ?

I think it is about time that you learn how to address this forum. Normally we are a helpful bunch of friendly people, but I understand if it might not seem like that from your perspective.
Please consider including all relevant information in your next post, or I’m afraid you’ll receive little help from the members of this forum. We have things to do as well, and although I like cryptology I do not care spending time deciphering your messages, which sometimes contains a question with barely some information at all.

Sorry for being a bit harsh, but it’s for your best :-/

can you give me like a diagram or a datasheet that will show me which pins to connect to what on the sensor please and stop being so sarcastic your pissing me off.

What?? You can't use frickin' Google?? I'm feeling charitable and am quite sure this will cover all of your wiring questions...

Hint: It was #1 hit when I Googled your sensor name!!! Took all all 0.13 seconds according to Google...


stop being so sarcastic your pissing me off

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Seriously, get real. How the hell are we supposed to know how your R/C car is wired? Is it a Tamiya/Schumacher/Kyosho/Whatever kit, or a generic toy car? Does it have an electric or gas engine? Rubber bands? Is the steering proportional or bang-bang? Or worse, one of those that is only a single channel and only turns in reverse (that's going to make line-following interesting!) Does it have an ESC, or is it integrated in some black-box?

Until you learn that we can't see you and what you have sitting on your workbench or desktop, you're going to just have to put up with more sarcasm.

stop being so sarcastic your pissing me off.

Lets make a deal: You start posting useful questions with complete documentation and which shows you bothered to do basic research for your subject (means at the minimum you typed in the stuff in Google and read the first page of links), and we stop being sarcastic.

That way, nobody needs do be pissed off.

What do you think about this?