Autonomous plant watering for a complete beginner- is it feasible?

Hello there,
I have these 3 things at hand:

KKmoon Hygrometer Arduino Raspberry Pi

Pontec PondoCompact 300i


I would like to build myself an automatic plant watering apparatus. I looked up a diversity of youtube videos and websites. But either they show only the end results or talk how they achieved it without showing any steps. But before I jump in and kill myself with electricity or drown in the water, I would like to know if it is possible to achieve an functioning automatic plant waterer by my self. If yes, then what parts do I also need?


This is a subject that comes up on this forum regularly. A search of the site will, no doubt, yield some information. Try "plant watering" to start.

From what i have seen in prior posts, those soil moisture sensors are not very reliable. The advice that I have seen is to prepare the plant container so that it has good drainage and just pump water, in a bit of excess, to it at intervals (arrived at by observation). Let the excess drain off.

The pump will need a driver of some sort as no Arduino can directly power a motor. That seems to be a 230V AC pump. A mechanical or solid state relay would work to control it. The mechanical relay needs a driver or use one of the many relay modules that have the driver on board.