Autonomous Vehicle Competition @ Sparkfun!

So, who’s participating? Who wants to share their plans/strategies/robots?

I’ll start us off - my team is using the Traxxas Slash (

We’re fabbing our own “motherboard” for the thing, the heart of which will be a mega chip.

^that’s pretty vague, but its enough for now. I am writing up a detailed report for my soon to launch blog.

no I am too worried that their parking lot will crash multiple times, each person will have a completely random course that varies in length , and when your about to pass the finish line someone will pick your car up, put a empty battery in it and set you back at the start

then call it a success

someone doesn’t like sparkfun…

never been a huge fan, they have some ok stuff, most of it is a total ripoff tho

Yeah… I’ll pass too.

Really? No one in the arduino community will be participating?

I’d particiapatie, but, being 13, my budget is not very high, and I don’t have a team cause nobody in my school that I know of even knows what an arduino is.

I just started with the Arduino last week, so I think I will pass this year. I need to learn a little more than working with LEDs, RFID readers, and LCDs first. :wink:

Really, I’m just a poor dad, staying at home with his son to home school him, waiting to win the lottery.?.?

If I had the money to build the project and the travel expenses I would do it. My son would love it.

You know the worst part about the lottery???

Everyone keeps telling me you have to buy a ticket to win it… ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I had wanted to use my national merit grant to participate but apparently building a autonomous vehicle doesnt count as “academic enrichment.” Stinking budget cuts.

I’ll be there filming it. I have an RC helicopter I’d like to try to mod out to fly autonomously around the building, but I work for SparkFun so it would be more of a personal challenge than for the actual competition. Plus when that thing crashes…it really crashes.

Hope to see you there.


I think my boys and I will be there to watch the competition and take a tour of the building, but not compete with a robot. We just started with Arduino, so we don’t have the experience yet to build a vehicle that can do what they are asking. I think it will be a great learning experience either way!