autooscilating oscillator

I'm not sure if name is right but I'll try to write main idea of the device I want to make.

In my lab I have signal generator, which has such function. For example I can vary oscillator frequency from 100 to 800 khz in 1ms. And it works great.

I would like to make such generator, which will operate like described. My main point is that this device has to be compact and if it would be microcontroller based, I think that's would be great. And I thing max frequency to be less than 1 mhz.

Have you any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.

You can use the arduino to drive a DDS chip. By varying the clock speed of the chip, you can change the frequency of the output signal.

For instance one of the many Analog Devices DDS's like the AD9834 that output
sine and triangular waves from DC upto 20MHz under SPI control.

However its a surface-mount chip and needs signal-conditioning circuitry on the output
to convert current-mode DAC outputs to a voltage signal.

I’m not sure if name is right

It is not.
What you want is called a sweep frequency oscillator.

thank you very much i've purchased AD9850 and i'll try it out.