Autoreset Disabling

I need to disable the autoreset on the Arduino UNO.
How can I do?
Thanks very much


That information is obsolete! (Sadly, like much in the "playground".)

On the UNO R3, in the line of components toward the centre of the board including the "L", "TX" and "RX" LEDs, is a pad labelled "RESET-EN". In fact, two pads with a tiny track between. The label stands for "Reset Enable"; if you cut the track between the two pads, you disable the auto-reset.

If you are clever, you can solder a pair of header pins (two pins with the plastic joiner) to the same two pads and put a jumper on when you want to use the auto-reset. You can also get tiny SMD switches or push-buttons that you could solder across the pads to switch on or hold down when you needed the auto-reset.

That information is obsolete! (Sadly, like much in the "playground".)

For the Uno, connecting a 10μF capacitor between the RESET and GND lines works for me (as described in the linked thread).

Works well on all my Uno boards.

The pad will indeed work but it's so (semi) permanent. It's so stupid they did not use a through hole pad for that. Because now, once you cut the trace you need to solder it when you want to use it again. A jumper would have been wayyyy easier...

The capacitor option is simple and just not that permanent.

Sorry I didn't mention but I already had a look at the Playground but someone told me that I should not be always sure about Playground guidelines so I was looking for something different.

When you (Coding Badly) talk about connect 5V and GND with a capacitor do you mean like this:



When you (Paul__B) talk about soldering, do you mean these two pins:

Arduino UNO:


Yes to the images.

No to your description. The 5V pin is not involved.

The capacitor will be polarized. Make certain you connect it correctly.

Yes, sorry, I meant RESET and GND, not 5V!