AutoTalk - communication framework for automation

I just created a project page for this framework I'm working on.

Go to the AutoTalk project page.

AutoTalk is a communication framework. It is both a language and some scripts for parsing/wrapping messages. The package for this version has an Arduino script and a web-based dashboard so you can control you project and receive data from it.

AutoTalk is the messaging system that will be used by the next version of GardenBot.

This looks very interesting! I'm trying to understand exactly what it does. Can this be used to transfer data from an Arduino to some external web client, or does it have to be on the same machine ( ? Is the idea that the Arduino data comes into my home PC via serial port, is transfered via a Processing script to a web server on that same PC, which in turn could be viewed by a web browser elsewhere? Still trying to figure out the beta 1 doc PDF.

Sorry for any confusion.

AutoTalk allows you to set up a basic web-dashboard to control your Arduino board (no it does not need to be on the same machine, I just happen to use a local web server on my machine).

The current package comes with a script for your Arduino, and some files to run the web-dashboard side of it.

I tired to keep everything simple so it could be modified easily.

I am very interested in feedback, so if you decide to try it out, please let me know what you find.