AUV Project Update:

New forum eh? Following on from the original thread, :

Just a small update on the AUV project, and I’ve got a question or two while i’m preparing for the arduino to arrive.

The project is moving along smoothly. We’ve got the frame welded (picture attached), and at the moment it’s being ‘skinned’. The frame is about 11kg in mass, slightly underweight from what we budgeted - which is ideal - gives us a bit more to play with.

I’m looking for a bit of advice on the motor situation really. We’re using 6 motors, peak current of 2 amps which recommend the use of a 3 amp fuse. I’d like to retain use of the PWM capabilities of the arduino mega, so I’d rather not use a relay arrangement. The popular L239D motor driver chip has a max peak current of 1 amp, and so not suitable with these motors. Would it be possible to use the H Bridge chip, the VN770K (data sheet attached) to act as a motor driver?


VN770k.pdf (652 KB)

You cant just make your own custom H Bridge system with FETs?