Avago ADNS-2080 Optical Sensor

I've been using the great article: http://www.martijnthe.nl/2009/07/interfacing-an-optical-mouse-sensor-to-your-arduino/ for using an optical mouse sensor as a encoder. Unfortunately, my project calls for the ADNS-2080 sensor and I cannot seem to come up with the right modifications to get this library to work with this sensor.

As anybody worked with the ADNS-2080 (http://www.avagotech.com/docs/AV02-2668EN) that might be able to help?


  • Mark

Well you'll first have to interface with the hardware - it needs/tolerates 3.3V max so you'll need level shifting.

It looks fairly SPI compatible but only has a single bidirectional data line - you could try connecting it to MISO directly to this and to MOSI via a 10k/4k7 level shifter (so the 4k7 resistor prevents too much current when both chips are outputing. If you do this you must ensure that MISO is set as an input only.

Thanks MarkT,

Unfortunately, I'm more of a software guy than a hardware guy and you've basically lost me. There is a 3.3v output on the Uno board. Can I not use it directly?

Regarding communications with bi-directional serial - I thought the library from Martijn would handle it over a digital line providing that I choose the right register/address.

What is MISO MOSI?

Sorry for stupid questions and I appreciate your patience as this is a bit beyond my current skill set.

  • Mark