Available ram

Quick question, I am sure it is obvious for the officianardos. In the standard IDE, version 0022, how do I know if I am using too much ram, or if I am about to run out ? The compiler output tells you how much code is used and the avaialble size, I would assume the ram is as important. Is there a way to see the memory map ?

Thanks Tim

It requires things to be done at runtime I believe - try this link.

When you use too much RAM I have found that random things happen - sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't, sometimes it will just reset itself back to the beginning. Seeing the actual memory in use might be possible win a debugger/simulator, maybe the one within the AVRStudio?

Edit: also check out this post on JeeLabs for a more concise rundown.

Love your work, very handy tool, works well.
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If only it was my work!

Can't take the credit unfortunately :)