avr atmel1284 unprogrammable since today.

so this is what is happening: yesterday i succeded in programming my atmel1284p using the arduino as a ISP. but today i cant program it anymore. i can still upload a blink program to the arduino, and the atmel1284 still runs the program i have burned yesterday, but today i cant program it. always get the not sync resp 0x00 or respo 0xe0.

i dont know what had happened. i was using the mosi miso sck and reset ports of 1284 ports to receive the program from arduino. the program i have uploaded all the ports to output (DDRB = 0xff) and set them as active (PORTB=0xff). Is this why i cant program it? because MOSI MISO and SCK are located on port B.5 B.6 and B.7.

thank you for your help

What your program does to any pins won't affect programming. It's more likely you changed a fuse.

Did you manage to program the chip more than once yesterday, or only a single time?


I get the not sync error when I don't specify the baud rate in avrdude. -b 19200 seems to work; is it possible you've changed a programming option?