AVR equivalent programming environment for Arudino Due?

I am using Arduino Nano and thinking to try out Arduino Due for its performance. While there are detail instructions to use the Due board in Arduino IDE, I am thinking to use it in a stand along C environment like AVR system. I will really appreciate if anyone can show me links, tutorials or books to set up such environment for Arduino Due.


Thanks for the useful links.

I figure that Atmel Studio might be the last resort. But I would prefer to have just the compiler and uploader instead of the full IDE.

Follow the links I find a program called bossa.exe, and with Arm toolchain that might just do the trick?

An IDE is a text editor plus a compiler plus an application to upload a binary file. The Arduino IDE for the DUE uses BOSSA to upload the binary file issued from the Sam3x compiler.

Do you know where does Arduino IDE install bossa? I can not find it anywhere. (From one of the link, it seems only exist before IDE version 1.6)

I personally don't like Arduino's strange C approach, I would like to use a primitive C if possible, that's the main difference.

In an IDE window, select Preferences, then:

Click in the URL at the bottom of Preferences window: C:\Users***AppData\preferences.txt

Follow this path: packages/arduino/hardware/sam/1.6.x/Platform

Examples to read or upload a binary file with bossa.exe:

Find it. Thank you.