AVR flashing tips for newbie

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the Arduino and a bit confused. What I want to do is take a program written for the ATtiny and flash it on that chip using the Arduino as the ISP. Most of the docs I've read describe how to use the Arduino as an ISP but it seems like they are all centered on 'cloning' the ATMega (flashing a bootloader and popping it on the Arduino) where I want to run the chip off an arduino.

My second project (after the blinking LED arduino demo) is this instructable, so I can move the LED blinking off of the board. instructables com/id/Firefly-Pendant/

I have an Arduino UNO with various electronic components.

Can flashing the ATiny mentioned on that instructable be done with the UNO?

I've heard that one can get an ATMega in a different package to reduce physical size. While this could be an option it means I'll have to modify that program from supporting the ATtiny to support the ATMega, I'm not sure how difficult that would be.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


I made a “standard” 6-pin ISP cable that is wired into my ArduinoISP board. It goes:

12(MISO) --  12 -- +5V
13(SCLK) --  34 -- (MOSI)11
10(RESET) -  56 -- GND