avr-gcc: _spawnv: Permission denied?

I'm a new Arduino user with a Diecimila running under WinXP SP3 (two days ago it was SP2 and I upgraded to SP3 just in case that was the issue; no difference in the problem below):

I followed the installation instructions exactly, and my unit worked exactly as described -- the first time. I was watching out of curiosity as the software filled the subdirectories of Blink and Blink No Delay with a number of files.

The next run of Blink deleted all the files and put in just one file (a cpp file under applet), and won't do anything more. It still just blinks every second (the first routine).

The unit appears to be involved in transferring data (blinking tx/rx). The unit shows up, but after those first two successful runs, the software throws always this error:

avr-gcc: _spawnv: Permission denied avr-gcc: _spawnv: Permission denied Couldn't determine program size: C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-0011\hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-size: 'C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-0011\examples\Digital\Blink\applet\Blink.hex': No such file avrdude: can't open input file C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-0011\examples\Digital\Blink\applet\Blink.hex: No such file or directory avrdude: write to file 'C:\Program Files\Arduino\arduino-0011\examples\Digital\Blink\applet\Blink.hex' failed

I'm running under an administrator account, and just in case I have removed the read-only condition from all the directories and files.

The reset button doesn't help. I've disconnected, rebooted, etc., several times. I've removed and reinstalled the Arduino software and drivers. I've tried other example routines. I changed the Blink routine's delay from 1000mS to 100mS and saved it as a new sketch, just in case it was working and the error was meaningless. No difference.

As a new user, I've done everything I'm able to so far. Any clues where to go next?



maybe that helps

Thanks for the suggestion. Arduino and all its library components were already authorized, but even so I turned off all protection programs (Comodo, Avast, Spybot S&D, Scotty). No difference. The error is different from that described on the mikrocontroller.net forum (Mine is avr-gcc: _spawnv: Permission denied, not avr-gcc: _spawnv: No such file or directory), and it appears once as soon as the Arduino program itself is run. An exchange always does take place between software and Arduino board (what appears to be a reset followed by rx/tx activity), but then the error is thrown twice before the remaining error messages.

Thanks, Dennis

Are you sure you've disabled all firewalls and anti-virus software? What if you open a command prompt and try to run avr-gcc from the command line?

Brilliant. Thanks for encouraging that cross-check.

A block was now appearing in the Comodo logs. I'm not sure how it got blocked after first working, but there it was. Even when Comodo's active behavior is turned off, blocked files are apparently always denied access. I removed the avr-gcc from the blocked list, and it uploaded the revised sketch to the board fine -- as well as adding all the Arduino executables to the allowed list.

I have no idea why the board worked in the first place, and was blocked later. But if it happens again, I will know where to look.

Many thanks again, Dennis