avr-gcc on linpus lite

Being as I am always ahead of the times hence using an an acer one with linpus lite installed, I thought I'd try to use it for setting up my Multiwii copters.

I am a noobie of the very noobie order when it comes to linpus lite or linux and I have found linpus to be wanting, wanting some more commands in it. I have managed to install various packages and even the ftdi drivers so I can see my usb port in the arduino software but my problem is avr-gcc. I have ver 4.1.* and I am using a pro mini with atmega328 and the ver 4.1 avr-gcc does not reconize that chip. After much searching around I find that I need at least ver 4.3.* of avr-gcc. I have found one or two sites that have this package but I dont know how to install them into this OS or even if they will go. So after all this writing I've got cramp, and a question does anybody know what I need, where to get and what to do with it.

If you're still awake after reading this then thank you in advance.


i have only 1 suggestion for you: do not use Linpus. it is a crippled type of linux. you have already found this out yourself by seeing the version they have of avr-gcc. if you compare that to Debian Squeeze, which is the stable version of Debian, so is generally somewhat behind on software-versions, you'll notice it has 4.3.5 (http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/gcc-avr).

if you are really interested in running a proper linux distribution, and you are new to linux and want adequate help, consider using Crunchbang Linux (http://crunchbanglinux.org/). it has a fantastic helpful community for everyone, from newbie to guruh. it is a lightweight system too, so no unnecessary stuff.

that's about all i can say to help you with this. good luck.

Sorry I've not been back to you been busy playing with other distros and they are a bit easier to play with. This acer is not mine so I had to go back to the original linpus now that took some doing. Grub woudnt let me re-install but I beat it into submission and got the linpus re-installed. As it is I can run my multiwii software but I cant upload to the Arduino from this thing, I can change my multiwii settings when outside which is the main thing I wanted to do.