avr-gcc versions in Arduino

Hello. Looking at Arduino and I was wondering if someone could explain the reasoning for the 4 different versions of gcc included in Arduino (Mac OS X)? tools->avr->avr->bin->gcc tools->avr->avr-3->bin>gcc tools->avr->avr-4->bin>gcc tools->avr->bin>avr-gcc


There appears to be an "error" in the packaging/zipping process of the Mac OS X version of Arduino. After further investigation, what should be symbolic links are being replaced with the original file/directory. "tools->avr->avr" should be a symbolic link to either the avr-3 or avr-4 directory. Instead it contains a duplicate copy of the avr-4 directory. Similarly links in "tools->avr->bin" have been replaced with the originals.

Correcting this will reduce the Mac OS X Arduino download zip by 25MB. :o

I was also able to find out that the reason why there is both avr-3 and avr-4 included is because gcc 3 is purported to produce smaller output than gcc 4 in some situations.

What version of Arduino are you looking at? AFAICT with 0013 the directories are symlinks.


I checked both the 13 and 14 zips. The fact that they are 63-64MB on the web site would indicate they are not symlinks. The entire AVR MacPack that I believe Arduino is based on for the avr-gcc package is only 37MB zipped. Everything in the Arduino 14 zip for Mac OS X EXCEPT for the tools folder is only 6MB UNZIPPED. The tools folder should be about 37MB zipped.. So the Max the zip could be is 43MB.