AVR ISP MK II issues

So I dont know where this should be in terms of the forum, but it is absolutely ridiculous that a different driver is required for AVR Studio and Arduino IDE for the AVR ISP mkII. It means some one must have written a new driver specifically for the Arduino IDE to use.
Whats even more infuriating is moving between the two, i.e changing drivers for those of us who use both enviroments for whatever reason - I have mine...
Does any one know a solution to this i.e a way to get Arduino IDE to use the same driver as AVS? being able to program an Arduino with the MKII
a) free's up the USB port for other things (such as a midi port)
b) faster upload time
c) no required bootloader

However I want to change the firmware on the mega16U I now need to revert the driver.
Gods that make these decisions - any chance of this becoming a MAJOR priority in the next release?

It isn't the type of solution your looking for, but I find that virtual machines are a great solution to this type of problem--and many others. You run a clean OS with just the software you need for your specific application.

actually that might work. Could run a small linux dist over my windows 7...
Well its better than nout...