Hi I must confess, I think my wish is hopeless. But well, it's christmas.

I happened to stumble (again) over the protcoll http://mqtt.org/ which I really think is cool. I gave it a try with mosquitto, my Raspberry Pi and my Notebooks. Works great, I think this offers a great capability for connecting small network devices.

I also have two leftover AVR-NET-IO boards (I guess they're not much known outside of Germany). It has a networkcontroller onboard. The default software is crap, but I found this MQTT-Client for Arduino. Luck for me: someone already wrote an arduino port for my NET-IO boards. So I thougt it would be an easy job, which it was until I tried to combine the MQTT-Client with the avr-netio ardiono port. The netio-port rewrote the Ethernet Library. I can either compile the mqtt-client as it is, or compile and upload the netio-port-examples. Combining both fails becuse the MQTT-Client needs the original Ethernet-Library (client.h).

I am not really ambitious to rewite the MQTT-Client since I am pretty unfamiliar with the whole Arduino-Librarys. Any suggestions?

A bit late, I know. But for other people searching for this topic: https://github.com/gebhardm/energyhacks/tree/master/AVRNetIOduino

This worked for me!