avr-objcopy - no sections to be copied

finally decided to upgrade from arduino-10, since i've got a never used mega lying around, a wee bag of 328p's waiting to be dropped into some boarduinos and just ordered a couple of teensy boards. my eeepc is running xandros based on debian etch and there are no packages available with recent builds of the avr tools, so i built everything myself.

binutils-2.20 gcc-4.4.3 avr-libc-1.6.8 avrdude-5.10

then i downloaded arduino-018.

the following code appears to compile, but avr-objcopy complains that "there are no sections to be copied!" and the build fails.

void setup (void) {} void loop (void) { DDRB |= 0x01; PORTB |= 0x01; }

Have you tried compiling and uploading any of the sample sketches?

no, i haven't tried to build the samples, but the code i did try, while it's not a sample, is dead simple. it does compile just fine under avr-gcc when i add a main function that calls setup and loop and avr-objcopy is able to make a hex file from the elf.

i guess my question is "What versions of avr-binutils, avr-gcc, avr-libc and avrdude are compatible with arduino-018?" i can see from the windows archive that they're using avr-gcc-4.3.2, but can't figure out the versions for the other packages.

binutils 2.19 avr-libc-1.6.4


well... (anyone here remember how elizabeth montgomery used to stretch and twist this particular monosyllable? that's the effect i'm going for.)

found older versions of avr-binutils in /usr/bin. of course /usr/bin was nearer the beginning of my PATH variable than /usr/avr/bin which is where i was installing the versions i built. removed them. all is well.