AVR programmer as FTDI?

Is there any way to program chips with an AVR programmer,
but also not erase the bootloader and
also get a serial console?

I read on some website that when I program a chip with an AVR programmer, the bootloader gets erased.

I'm a noob to programming AVRs so someone please help me

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An "AVR programmer" - Okay, which of the many AVR programmers are we talking about here?

Programming over ISP will erase the bootloader - but if you program over ISP, you don't need a bootloader, so this may or may not be a problem.

An ISP programmer typically does not provide a usable serial adapter - if it contains one (many don't - VUSB-based ones are very abundant), the serial adapter is normally hardwired to the programmer, and is used to talk to the programmer; it normally can't be repurposed for providing a serial monitor on the target.

This is WHY people use bootloaders + serial adapter as their method of programming AVR microcontrollers - once you've bootloaded the chip with some other programmer, you use the serial adapter to both reprogram it over serial (through the bootloader) and provide serial communication with the microcontroller.