AVR programmer woes

I have an el cheapo Hong Kong USBATTinyISP programmer which looks like the AdaFruit one with an ATTINY2313. I havnt tried this with AVRDude as I wanted to use the Arduino language/IDE. I've downloaded the drivers and the 'device is working properly'. You connect it to the pc and open a sketch, select the programmer from the menu and prepare to download. However, the 'Serial Port' is greyed out; the IDE doesn't 'see' the programmer. I cant be the first person with this problem ( although I cant see any threads on it ). Assuming the device is OK, does anyone have a fix for this?


You may have to add an entry to programmers.txt /arduino-1.0.5/hardware/arduino/programmers.txt

More info: http://code.google.com/p/arduino/wiki/Platforms

Hi, Thanks, but I'm no programmer and I found that stuff bewildering. I did change one thing in programmer.exe which was I added usbtinyisp.communication=usb and also I tried .... =COM1 ( the port which the IDE seemed to want. Neither made a difference.