AVR Studio 4.13 & Aduino BT

I have just received the AVRISPmkII today, after installing the AVR Studio 4.13 with the CD in the purchase package, we discover 2 issues:

  1. When launch the AVR Studio there is a message:
  • gcc plug-in: No WinAVR installation found. The AVR GCC plug-in can still be used if you set up your own build tools.

  • Why [u]No WinAVR installation[/u]? I did re-install 4 times already!

  • How I setup my own build tools?

  1. Anyway, I tried to open a new project with Platform [u]JTACICE MKII[/u] & [u]Atmega168[/u]:
  • I did write a simple Trial.c & tried to compile it, there is an the same message: To build avr-gcc project, WinAVR must be installed or custom build defined

Does anyone knows how to set up the AVR Studio right? If yes, please provide any setup, so that I can use program in C & compile/build it in order to program the Arbuino BT kit

Thanks in-advanced

It me again, here is how I solved my problem:

  1. I have to download the WinAVR (save it to re-install later) from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=68108

  2. Then re-launch the AVR Studio & I now can build my project

Note: I am not sure about this but with this I could not launch the Arduino Alpha. To do that I have to [u]de-install[/u] the WINAVR