AVR Video tutorials

I much prefer Video tutorials over reading a webpage and was wondering if anyone had come across any AVR Video tutorials…there are some really interesting loooking ones on youtube by Tishitu Electronics

But I cant understand 80% of it due to his very thick accent.

Do you just want Arduino tutorials?
As in setting up the arduino and not actual projects themselves?

Heres one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeScmRwzQho
Its a bit old, but its from makemagazine.
They don’t explain all of the arduino quite well, like setting up com ports and stuff.

I could make a video tutorial on setting up the arduino! (If first of all thats what your looking for)

But you would have to wait 2 weeks cause I got midterms.

P.S. What does AVR (Atmel) stand for.
:smiley: ;D :-?

Thanks for the link Catcher,

Looking for something a little more AVR/AVR Studio/AVRdude then Arduino…kind of like starters lesion pack.



Thanks Andrew, but that just bring up the Tishitu Electronics videos i mentioned in OP.

What does AVR (Atmel) stand for.

I’m almost positive Atmel has never stated what it stands for.

There have been many speculations, such as “Advanced Virtual RISC” and “Alf-Egil Bogen, Vegard Wollan, RISC microcontroller” (those are the creators).

The AVR Freaks site probably has (links to) info and tutorials more oriented toward “raw” AVR chips than specific implementations like the Arduino.

I just watched some of those videos, surprisingly his accent is better than a good number of professors and ta’s ive had lately. Definitely good content tho