avr_libc 1.4.6?


The past months I've been very busy trying to get the APSX RW-210 rfid reader to work with Arduino. I can now say it has been a total success!

The last piece of the puzzle was trying to compare tags to an array of tags living in PROGMEM. To do this I had to use the command "memcmp_P" which was only added to avr_libc version 1.4.6. I was able to replace parts of the Arduino avr lib by the new lib. It works perfectly and has enabled me to compare rfid tags to a list of more than 75 tags in flash memory! See my post for code and details: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1188236776/15

I was wondering if there are plans to add avr_libc 1.4.6 to Arduino 010 ?

Regards, Loïc

It will probably make it into the software eventually. On Windows, we usually use whatever's in the latest version of WinAVR, and on Linux it depends on what in the repository for your distribution. So it's not likely that we'll be "officially-supporting" 1.4.6-specific commands too soon.