Avrdude arguments

So the thing is I'm working with a 644p, and I'm trying to use the jabduino core (which was meant for the 644).

I defined the entry in boards.txt under jabduino core for the 644p

Everything is fine until I try to upload, it uses the argument -p atmega644 instead of -p atmega644p.

Sure I can copy the command, paste it to terminal and change it to atmega644p and it uploads fine, but... it's just not as nice.

Where do I change that?
Do I have to recompile something?

I'm pretty clueless, haven't been able to find reference to this (or how to search for it).

Thanks in advance.

Where do I change that?


Thanks!, it seems my boards.txt was a bit dirty, since I had it defined as atmega644p from the start but it didn't pick it up.

I cleaned up by deleting the boards I don't use and voilĂ !

The processor type for each board type is in a boards.txt file. For non-standard boards there should be a boards.txt file somewhere in the hardware sub-directory of your sketch directory.

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