avrdude error message

I have designed & built an Arduino based micro system. When I try to upload some test code I get
the following error message after the code compiles - avrdude: stk500_getsync();not in sync:resp-0x00
What does this mean and how do I fix the problem ?? The compiled test code size is 1076 bytes.

Have you selected the right board and Com port in the Tools menu of the IDE?
If you have, are you connecting anything to pins 0 and 1?

Hi Henry,
I have a UB232 USB/Serial convertor connected to pin 2 (RxD) and pin 3 (TxD). It has the necessary FT232 chip on it. My computer recognizes it on COM 7 and that is the port I have chosen. The Arduino chip I am using is the AT MEGA 328 running with a 16 MHz crystal. It was purchased from DigiKey and was sold as an Arduino chip. Thanks for your help. Tom

What Henry is saying is that you need to select the board to upload the sketch to. The fact that your com port is seen is great but has nothing to do with the correct board being selected. In the IDE select Tools/Board/Minipro(3.3or5v). then you should be able to upload.


I have tried all of the different variations of the Arduino device - Mega328, 5V, 3.3V, Mini, Micro, Lily, BT, all with the same results. Thanks for the help. Tom