avrdude: invalid baud rate specified '-D'

I've been trying to program a Nano v3 with the Blink sketch from examples. No mods to the code at all - I've just signed up today and this was to be the first test.

When I try an upload, I get exactly the same error every time:

avrdude: invalid baud rate specified '-D'

Could not program the board

I'm using Firefox but I've also tried Chrome with the same result. I've tried restarting the machine and re-installing the agent despite the fact that I know the agent is working from the debug console.

I also know that communications with the Nano are fine as I can switch back to the original IDE and everything works perfectly. I've another 20 Nanos and a few Unos here but I haven't triend any of the others yet as the original IDE is fine.

Head being scratched bigtime at the moment.

Has anybody else experienced this or does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks a mil,


Sorry to hear that!

One quick question: is the Nano you are using based on the ATmega328? On the Arduino Create Editor we are not supporting the ATmega168, so that may be the cause.

Anyway we are going to look into it, thanks for your report

We were able to reproduce your issue, it doesn't have anything to do with the mcu.
We will let you know when the fix will be online. Thanks for your patience!

It's great that you have been able to reproduce the issue and thank you for the quick response. Looking forward to the fix.

The fix is online! Let us know if this happens again :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your report!

Sorry, not working. Still getting exactly the same error and I've tried with a number of Nanos.

allright, we will investigate further and report back!

It could be that the metadata of the sketch aren’t updated. You could try by selecting another board and re-select the nano. This should clear the metadata cache. Sorry for the trouble.

It works perfectly now. Changing the board type and re-selecting the Nano did it. Sorry, I should have twigged this earlier.

Looking forward to getting stuck in properly now.

Thank you for your help with this.