avrdude is my sworn ENEMY!

So I'm a hobbyist and have played with Arduino for 4-5 years now. I've worked with different boards and programmed with different Windows based laptops. Despite what I'm using I always get some version of avrdude errors in the process.

I'll be working along, editing, uploading and testing over and over without issues and all of sudden I'll start getting avrdude errors. So in response I'll change usb and com ports and keep trying and eventually I'm able to push the code to the board. I never know what, if anything, I did to get it working. This might work for a few more uploads and then at some point avrdude comes back. This becomes frustrating and eats up tons of time.

Today's avrdude dejour is

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

So my question is. What can I do to keep avrdude at bay? Or is this just the nature of programming Arduino?

Frustrated hobbyist.


I must say, I never got weird errors... Al error are just because of me (selecting wrong board, wrong com port, making weird code, not installing drivers) or Windows (assigning a different COM number then expected, updating drivers I don't want to update) or the driver (being buggy, not being supported anymore, being FTDI).

Which board do you program if you select is as USB under Windows?

I have not gotten any errors from AVRDude that were not accurately reporting wiring or configuration problems.

Windows changes COM port numbers when you plug the device into different ports.

Windows will also sometimes get into a bad state, particularly when the port is abused (typically by shorting +5v to ground) resulting in either the port not working for anything, or the specific device not detecting in that specific usb port. These issues are typically cleared by reboot.

Some systems (not sure if it’s the USB hardware, OS version, or some other factor - it seemed more common in the past) have problems with some USB devices when plugged into USB 3.0 ports. I have a system where the mouse/keyboard only works with the USB 2.0 ports. Some boards that use VUSB are incompatible with some USB hardware, seemingly at random (I have a USB hub that doesn’t work with USBAsps, for example, but works with everything else, and the asps work with everything else)

The specific error you posted indicates that no USB device corresponding to the selected board (if doing normal upload with board that has native USB) or programmer (if burning bootloader or doing upload using programmer with a USB programmer of some type) is currently connected to your computer and recognized by the operating system. This may indicate issues like those I noted above, or driver issues.

I know that when my laptop falls asleep and wakes up again, I can not connect to the Arduino. Need to reboot the PC to get the communication going again (both for IDE and SerialMonitor).

Digging through device manager and resetting something there might also be an option but I have not tried it yet.

// Oh ja, Windows 8