Avrdude on UART "RX/TX"

Hi all,

I want to upload my mega2560 on UART "RX/TX" with Avrdude from another board I send at the begining reset, and after this command :

avrdude -V -F -p m2560 -c wiring -b 115200 -Uflash:w:/config/Pgm.hex -P /dev/ttyS1

But it does not work!!

I tried with USB port for both Arduino and CubieBoard, and the command is :

avrdude -V -F -p m2560 -c wiring -b 115200 -Uflash:w:/blink/Pgm.hex -P/dev/ttyACM0

And it works fine!!

Can you help me please!! I must upload my arduino on UART!!

I found the solution!!

It is ok!

I need to put reset before and the correct command line is : avrdude -V -F -D -p m2560 -c stk500v2 -b 115200 -Uflash:w:/Pgm.hex -P /dev/ttyS1

Thank you