Avrdude red message & Bootloader error could Labview Linx trial messed this up?

I am only interested in using my MEGA2560 “original” for reading of sensors. I tried the Linx to Labview link but decided it is too limited. I came back and loaded the latest version of Arduino IDE 1.8.10 and all is well with the “blink”. I noticed that one “getting started” site said I should get 3 quick blinks after pushing the reset button to confirm bootloader OK - I don’t! I have imported various sketches for sensors and some work OK and some don’t yet.
But when compiling some of them I get a message in RED font that says “Avrdude Done. Thank You” because it is in red it seems like an error but the error heading does not show. I tried the “Burn Bootloader” under tools but get an error message. I am attaching the full text of these two messages first the Averdude, very long, and then the one line error re bootloader.

Could this be because I tried out the Labview Linx method? Should I be worried about this? I don’t intend any complicated uses of Arduino so —

avrdude message.doc (21.5 KB)

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The first one is OK. The second message is en error but did you used ISP programmer and which one if yes?

BTW: For god sake, why didn't you send a message as .txt?