avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

Hello all,

I have been scouring the forums for a solution, but nobody seems to be having the problem I am having. Whenever I try to upload my sketch, I get these “programmer not responding” messages. I have checked to make sure I have the right COM port selected, as well as the correct board, in the Tools menu. I also made sure I had the up-to-date drivers.

My code seems to compile/verify just fine, but my PC does not like communicating with the Arduino for whatever reason.

I am running Windows 7 x64
Arduino Uno R3
Arduino IDE 1.8.4

Attached in a .txt is my code

VERY new to Arduino/coding, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code.txt (2.24 KB)

A schematic (even hand drawn would probably be useful)

Dont forget to disconnect anything on pins 0,1 before upload too.

Nothing connected to any of the pins.

Just in case this was helpful:
VID: 2341
PID: 0043

Schematic? The board is just plugged directly into the computer, I’m not sure what kind of schematic you are asking for.

The Atmega328P-PU gets EXTREMELY hot when plugged in to the computer, enough to burn my hand. I tried using another chip, no burning, but same error messages.

Attached is the error messages in a .txt

Errors.txt (9.95 KB)

Sounds terminal :frowning:

Quite possibly. Still researching.

If the chip got hot when plugged in, it's probably aced. If there was nothing else connected to it at the time, it definitely was.

When you replaced it with a new chip, did you bootload the new chip? A blank chip does not come with a bootloader installed, so you'd get that error when trying to upload to it if you didn't either bootload it yourself or get a chip preloaded with optiboot.

That error is very generic - it means that the selected com port behaves like a serial port, but it doesn't get the expected response when trying to upload the board; you would get that error if you selected the wrong board (baud rate doesn't match that used by the bootloader), or if the board had been cut in half and the half with the '328p on it thrown out - and everything in between.

No, I did not bootload the new chip. Details on that process?

Connect an ISP programmer to arduino's ISP header, plug ISP programmer into computer, select the board type and do "burn bootloader".

There are a large number of tutorials and guides online that provide more detail - google will find them, they explain it better than I would. You will need either a second Arduino to use as an ISP programmer (via Arduino as ISP sketch) or a standalone ISP programmer like the USBAsp.

Thanks! Put in an order for one. Very helpful.