avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I was making an airboat using arduino UNO, H-Bridge l298n, one DC motor 12V 3A, micro servo motor, an HC-05 bluetooth module and 9V battery.

I was testing part by part, it was working the code and the components. However, when I tried to test all together the avrdude problem started. After this, even testing the ‘Blink’, it didn’t uploaded.

After this, I got a new arduino, I tested again the same code with the same schematic, the difference is my 9V battery died and I got a new one with 12V 3800mAh. The code was uploaded, and I tested 3-4 times before one of the jumpers start burning, I removed it quickly. I tested all of the components but the Arduino. This avrdude problem started to appear after that.

Then, I got another board, the same code and schematic. Uploaded, but didn’t worked, after I change the schematic the circuit started to work.

However, I am worried of those two boards with the avrdude problem, the second one is heating up unlike the first Arduino. Can someone help me?

the second one is heating up unlike the first Arduino


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