avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): can't communicate with device: resp=0x01

Hi there,

My first post and having swam through the internet on this famous subject many, many times I'm feeling marooned on my Arduino island!

Like many times before the problem seems to arise out of the blue (Although this time it was after an Adobe update and restart). All's going swimmingly then BANG - 'can't communicate with device'. I thought I found a neat solution which I was going to post and share the benefits of however the relatively simple procedure of [u]only[/u] restarting the IDE followed by briefly unplugging USB during upload worked a treat (btw!) .... until now!!

Just trying to upload Blink I've gone through all the basics (I hope):

  • Yes, I've checked the com# in Device manager matches the IDE com setting and tried other ports.

  • Restarted IDE each time and often restarted OS too (with USB connected and without, etc.).

  • Yes, the same problem with UNO and another MEGA board.

  • Yes, the cable has been checked and others tried.

  • Yes, at Device Manager the board is recognized.

  • Same problem with IDE 1.06 and 1.6.4

What seemed to do the trick once, when all else had failed, was to shut down laptop (Dell latitude XP) - take battery out and try and turn on - I read this somewhere - they said that just restarting was sometimes too quick to let all the capacitors properly drain to 0 volts (sound plausible?). Anyway NOT this time.

It doesn't seem to me a bootloader issue because when I get connected again all's fine and dandy.

My feeling is that the issue lies on the computer side as there is absolutely no LED action at either Rx or Tx when trying to upload and also because once connected I can have weeks of uploading heaven but not sure if relavant.

Sadly everything has ground to a halt again and now and I'm left wishing I'd gone down the raspberry pi route!! I appreciate that there is possibly not one simple solution to what might be the result of a combination of bugs but can anyone offer an Arduino fan some hope again??

I've fixed it!!!

Thought I should share this rather "random" fix :

Taking the idea from something I read, I swapped my Arduino com port for one that was 'being used' and Bingo! I am back! I have no idea why this worked but it did and hopefully next time I could try this again but I doubt there is any guarantee of this.

Hi alexisjohn

I've checked the com# in Device manager matches the IDE com setting and tried other ports.

I swapped my Arduino com port for one that was 'being used' and Bingo!

Could you clarify what you did to fix the problem? Where did you do the swap? And from what to what?



Hi Ray, sorry for taking so long.

Yes, All I did was use one of the ports I hadn't used yet because in the Device Manager Port list it always said it was 'in use'. I ignored this because I couldn't figure what it was doing anyway and switched the arduino from port 3 to port 6 and Bingo! Pretty random you might think and maybe it was. Sometimes I think it is just a matter of luck and what ever I happen to do is actually irrelevant to getting out of this infernal hole but someone else might know better. Hope this helps someone - let us know if you can throw any light on this issue - The gods seem to be shining on me at the moment as I haven't had the problem in a few weeks now! (oops, shouldn't have said that...)