Avrdude taken over by Megunolink Cant access com port

I tried downloading Megunolink, but decided I didnt like the idea of being dependant on an external program to control system setup. Anyway I installed, ran a few examples, and then forgot about it, and went back to data entry via Arduino Serial / Putty VT100. I had tried 3-4 compiles to try an idea out when suddenly it stops communicating and I noticed on error report

MegunoLink AVRDude Wrapper

And I have been trying to uninstall since. A posting on their website hasn't had a response.
Ive tried on another computer with no problem so ....
What I have tried is :-
Windows Uninstall
IOBit Uninstall
Reinstall Arduino

I suspect it may mean diving into registry, but reluctant to try without a bit of an idea what to delete.
Any help/suggestions please

File-> Preferences. Under "show verbose output during?, check "upload".. Reproduce the problem copy the text of the errors and post it here. (no, not a screenshot, click the copy error button! That gets the whole thing as text

Hi DRAzzy,
OK things are a little more confusing than I thought. It seems I have a code problem, as it only seems to be one file that is causing the issue. Same board, same comport but a blinky type application works fine.
Attached is verbose output as requested. This is the file I was working on when it suddenly stopped, probably due to my stupidity.

ErrorReport.txt (26 KB)

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