avrdude verification error

I've been moving for the past week and haven't used my arduino duemilanova in awhile. Today I sat down with it and anything I try to upload I get the error:
Avrdude: verification error. First mismatch at byte 0x0002
0x61 != 0x63
Avrdude: verification error. Content mismatch

The power light is on, the L led on the board pulsates I get normal startup LEDs (I think). Did I break it? I get the same error on a win7 desktop and ubuntu laptop. Tried different usb chords. Uploading different samples. Restarting the board. I googled around and couldn't really find anything. If its broken is replacing the atmega 328 enough?
Any advice is much appreciated!!

You sometimes get this if you have not selected the correct board from the tools menu.

Hi thanks. The correct board was selected on both machines as well as the correct serial port. Any other ideas?