avrdude weirdness


I've got a shiny new Uno R3 connected to my Win 10 PC. I can connect to the Uno via avrdude in terminal mode, but the sig command returns an error. But when I enter terminal mode, the device signature is displayed (and the board identified from that signature).

Can someone explain this weirdness?

Does it work when you try to upload via the IDE?

Wondering if this is weirdness relating to the bootloader not behaving in accordance with the STK500 protocol w/regards to reading signature after initiating communication and reading out data (which would not be considered an issue - the bootloader does several non-standard things in the name of fitting into 512 bytes. For example, as you may have noticed, the values it returns for the fuses are bogus - the value it returns for the signature is hardcoded, too, that way it doesn't need code to access the signature row)

It may be better to post error messages etc using either code tags ( </> ) or quotation marks as pictures like that are quite hard to read.