AvrStudio and Arduino tutorials

Goodnight, as some already know from the old forum I have a small blog where I post tutorials about using Arduino and AvrStudio with plain C, its a bit harder than using arduino, but using it I have full controll over what is running in the micro-controller. Today I released part 3, that talks about direct port manipulation and I have already started writing the part 4 that is bit manipulation/bitwise math and operators. You can also use everything that I do in the Arduino IDE, if you like it say something, if you see some errors comment about it too ;) http://hekilledmywire.wordpress.com/

Really useful! Thank you for taking the time to write those tutorials.

Little advice: take screenshots only from the relevant window, that way it's better readable and not so cluttered.

Thanks for the tip Meinaart, I will do that in the future, for now I still have some other tutorials that I have first wrote in Portuguese that will still have the old style images, but after those I will follow your recommendation.

Today I released the bitwise maths/logic operator tutorial, comment about it :wink:

One more tutorial, this one is a king sized one, about the ADC. http://hekilledmywire.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/using-the-adc-tutorial-part-5/

It as some useful information even for the typical Arduino user ;)

And finally I finished the first part about timers:


As usual its also a good read to Arduino users that like to learn more ;)

Thank you very much for these. I have just glanced at them so far, but I feel my knowledge is about to expand somewhat after a more detailed read.

I hope they are easilly understood and that the english is not bad at all. Thanks :)

New tutorial is finally completed, its about pwm generation.