Awg cables types name

I was wandering what is the name of those cables:

it is a single core stranded wire but it is solder inside so is ends are not loose and much easier to work with when need to solder plenty of wires. I would like to know the name of it to make sure I order the right wires. If someone can recommend a specific brand would be nice. Most of the stranded wires I encounter are like those:
Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.59.35

What I am looking for is a flexible wire that is also looks like a solid core. a regular solid core is not flexible engough

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It has been a long time since I worked with this subject! But, what comes to mind is that may be called bonded stranded wire. That is only slightly more flexible than solid core wire. When you remove the insulation, it is as shown. If not well strain relieved, it tends to fail one strand at a time instead of all at once for solid wire.


What you need for a really flexible wire is one with many twists per inch of wire. The twist allows the wire to flex by adjusting the twist in the immediate area of the flexing, not by bending of the strands. So, look for more strands of fine wire and more twists per length of wire.
A second consideration is the type of insulation. Any wire with the commonly used PVC insulation will be quite flexible when new, but will harden with age. Best flexible is to use silicon rubber insulation.

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Looks like tinned stranded to me.
Solid core has a smooth shiny solid core of wire.
Without a closer up photo it's anyone's guess.

tinned stranded will be a bunch of loose filaments each independently coated in tin (appears shiny)

And an insulator that is flexible enough so it can bend in the first place.
Typically those "soft" silicone high-temp wires should suffice. Especially at those lower gauges like 20 and 24 and 28. Even when dealing with like awg 16 (in drones) they are still reasonable, only becoming unreasonably thick starting at awg 8 (in which no drone should ever need)
Man. I wish there exist these things that you can actually buy (and not just sit here and talk about them).

I was searching things like "tinned bonded stranded wire" but absolutely nothing showed up. "bond strandded wire" seem to yield better results but those are more of exposed braided tinned copper cables you would see inside machine's ground connections, for example.

And searching "bond wire" shows up results of wires between silicon dies and metallic leads inside the IC chips

Close up of a silicone 16 AWG? I mean, it's just the regular 16AWG braided. Like this

Braided, un-soldered/wicked/bonded wire. I forgot if our particular ones are tin plated or not but that's unimportant.
What are you trying to make? If you need to solder 10 parallel wires to a board, it might make sense to use connectors (e.g. molex, DuPont, etc)

Post a close up photo of the exposed wire.

did you asked me?

I just can't find those on amazon or aliexpress. if someone have a link it will be great!

Look at people that sell wire. Digikey, etc.

Looks solid but if you cut it and look at the crosssection you can tell if it is stranded.

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