I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I can't seem to find a straight to the point answer...

Picked up an MKR1000 primarily because of the crypto abilities and storing certs etc., but have yet to see anything about getting data from the MKR up to AWS. I've seen plenty of articles and forum posts about MQTT or the YUN and have sifted through Amazon's 'getting started' guide which only covers a few things directly (YUN, IOT Button, something else I can't remember). I'm not a complete dummy, but a lot of this is over my head or at least out of my experience level. I was able to get it going with the Arduino Cloud, but I need to be able to do "interesting" things (we'll just make interesting = graphs for now) on AWS. Why AWS (which I'm also not very familiar with)? A project for work that needs to be on AWS.

We're still in a somewhat nebulous proof of concept state, so I could send it somewhere else first, and have that somewhere else use something a little friendlier to send it to AWS until either there's more official support or someone writes up a
MKR1000 to pretty AWS IoT graphs for dummies' article.

I've downloaded the aws-sdk-arduino stuffs, but they all seem to assume you're using a Galileo, Edison or a sparkcore (I've got a Particle Photon (same company?), but for complicated reasons, I can't really use it) or that you're going to do something with Kinesis and/or DynamoDB - which not only do I know nothing about, but leaves me scratching my head about what to do with the certificates and private/public keys AWS IoT had me create... :o :fearful:

Hi @causalloop,

The WiFi101 library currently does not support client side SSL/TLS "certificates and private/public keys". However, we've been told the next version of the WINC1500 firmware and SDK will support this. Once we receive those from Atmel and integrate into the WiFi101 library you'll be good to go.

Have you seen microsoft powerbi? Data Visualization | Microsoft Power BI i have no experience in it, but it looks like you can link it to the Arduino Cloud, and it seems capable of drawing pretty graphs :smiley:

Probably sacrilegious on an arduino forum :wink: but maybe a rasberry pi would be better in this case? just thinking SSH etc… Otherwise it looks like the Yun has SSH capabilities, if this is in your price range and would suit the project :slight_smile:

Hope this helps…

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So I managed to get an ESP8266 up on AWS using their DynamoDB, but its a bit of a cheat since you have to give it an IAM user and the secret key etc. - not SSL.

So I've managed to get it working on ThingSpeak, Arduino Cloud and InitialState. I know I flashed a cert to the device (pretty sure it was for InitialState) using the Wifi101 Firmware Updater and it calls the WifiSSLClient.. though to be honest, I'm not sure its actually doing anything with it since you still end up putting an access key in the GET request... Though looking at the changelog for the Wifi101 repo seems to indicate the support for it is already there...? (so much to learn!)

Hope my 2 cents are any helpful. I’m currently also creating a solution that sends data from MKR1000 to AWS.

More specifically, I’ll try to send data from the MKR to AWS API Gateway in the form of a typical url with parameters, and the API (written in Python) will decode the url, do some checks and insert the clean data into a database, which I’m thinking of any AWS relational database.

So far I’ve being able to create a quick & small api using Chalice, and make the MKR to talk to it.

Making the API and MKR to talk has been the most difficult part so far, and the reason for that is that the MKR needs Amazon’s certificate loaded, and the connection has to be created using SSL: client.connectSSL(server, 443)

If you’re wondering how to load any certificate into the MKR, this post has the solution.

Good luck