awsome potentiometers!

i saw "pc board" potentiometers, and i ordered 3 of em, and they are really good, they are nice and sturdy, and, when pluged into a breadboard, they dont move at all, they are fixed in and you dont have to hold the thing down (unlike those blue ones with the white knob). i saw a cuple of people using a potentiometer from radioshack, and you have to solder in wires, and then connect the wires to the arduino, and thats a big pain in the ass, you have to hold the base while turning the knob, and thats no fun. And those damn blue potentiometers, with the white knobs are so freken delicate, that i have to hold the whole thing down while turning it in ym breadboard, so just wanted to let you all know that these potentiometers ( linked further down ) are good, and i know they will help me, and i hope they will help you!

only down side is, once you plug'em into your breadboard, the prongs one the potentiometer messes up the breadboard connector, and then regular wires dont hold that well on the pin that the potentiometer was inserted in, but you can still use hookup wire on it, the connector is just weaker...

heres a link:

just wanted to share an awsome item with every one, so good luck with these!

happy holidays every one!