Ax 12 w 6 of 6 Errors


I ve got a problem with my new ax 12w servos. First you should know that's my first project and I ve got a pretty good knowledge in programming c. Well after some test (trying to add gyro ) my servos stoped moving. They returning 6 of 6 errors and iam not able ( I don't know how) to reset these errors. I rade the Manuel of ax 12 w several times but iam not sure how to reset the errors without damaging the servos.

By the way:

I noticed that my servos always stop running after different time depending on sleeps in my loop. I might be because I only send commands to servo instead of reading it also. But I don't know hopefully someone of you understand / know my error and would help me

Thanks very much

You say you have some experience of programming. Then, how do you expect us to give you advice if you don't post your code or your "6 of 6 errors" ?

You should also post a digram of how everything is connected - a photo of a pencil drawing will be fine.

A common problem is trying to power servos from the Arduino 5v pin. They should have a separate power supply with the GND connected to the Arduino GND.


Well its not cuz of my code i think… Becaus it was running already without any problems …

i thought there might be a way how to reset error codes always

but well here we go

#include <Dynamixel_Serial.h>

void setup(){ // Configuration
  Dynamixel.begin(1000000,2); //2=data control

void loop(){
  //Serial.print("Position 1:");
  //Serial.println(" ");

  Serial.print("Position 2:");

Your diagram raises more questions than it answers.

What Arduino are you using?

Why not use the in-built USB port?

What is the role of the extra TTL-USB device? It does not seem to be referred to in the code?

What is the role of the 74LS241 ?

Sorry, but I am not familiar with the dynamixel servo system. Are you sure it works at 9600 baud? Can you provide a link to the instructions.