- MIDI foot controller

Hi all.

For a few months I've been working on a design for a MIDI foot controller that can be used to control Logic, Amplitube, etc. I haven't posted here before because I haven't had a lot to show for my work, but last night I assembled my first board and am feeling pretty proud of myself.

The enclosure will be laser cut from 4.5mm translucent red ABS and the electronics are Arduino based, but split into separate modules which are easily replaceable or upgradeable as newer versions become available.
Once I have ironed out all the bugs I plan on selling kits and complete controllers.

The website is - I'm really keen for feedback and advice from everyone here.

Quite nice project, do you intent to go commercial with your pedal-ware? Sell it as a kit or so?

that's right. The idea of doing it all modular and laser cut abs is that it's cheap to modify or upgrade as new parts or features are made. I plan to sell kits and complete units.

check out - Arduino Forum - as inspiration (partnering?)


Yeah, it's a very cool project. I'm not trying to make a shield but more fully working product that can be unboxed and used by a musician on stage and also hackable by hobbyists.

Why not make both ? your market will be bigger! Complete box, DIY kit soldered, DIY KIT unsoldered, shield only, ... at least 4 products :slight_smile:

Well, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew - perhaps as I roll the first version out the door I can look at a shield.

Nice project! I'm working on similar stuff but mostly hacking existing pedalboards. Interesting that you mention Apogee GIO on your blog. It is one of the things I'll be emulating this week (or next).
I'm looking at many different options for cost reduction and parts availability. Working mostly from stuff that I have on hand, reusing parts from used electronics, etc. But I have to admit that developing a PCB is more...elegant!

Hi there.

I really like what you're doing too. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.