AXICOM IM03GR relay from arduino I/O pins?

Hi all. I want to operate some of these from an Arduino.

The coil resistance is stated to be 178 ohms so at 5V I make that about 28mA. Is this OK to draw from a Pin? I don't really want to mess around with a transistor to switch the current. 28mA seems a bit high in any case so could I add a series resistor to lower the coil current or would it not work?


28 mA should be OK. Don't forget the reversed diode across the coil to absorb the inductive kickback.

There is a total limit of 200mA sourced or sunk. If they might be on all at once you can only run 7 at a time. If you need to activate more than 7 at a time you can use a transistor and resistor to drive each coil.

Thanks for clarifying that John, very informative!

I shall give it a go.